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Hi! I’m Hannah and welcome to my blog!

Thank you for checking out my blog! I hope you have found some posts you’ve enjoyed!

If you’re wondering why my blog is called Amethyst Rose Beauty, here’s where my inspiration came from. Amethyst because it’s mine and my mums favourite colour and also my birthstone. Rose because they’re my favourite flowers. Beauty because I try and see the positive side to things and the beauty in life, and of course because I love makeup! And so Amethyst Rose Beauty was made!

I am a self taught makeup junkie living in Wiltshire, England. I love doing hauls, tutorials and reviews! I started this blog as it had been something I had been considering for a while, but never had the courage. So at the beginning of 2016 I decided to start my little slice of the beauty world. I didn’t want to wait for an indefinite date or it would never arrive. And so here we are, my little slice!

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I hope you enjoy my little slice of beauty and life mixed into one!


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